Whether you are a well-established corporation or a small start-up, your marketing images can tell so much about your company. It helps your potential clients determine who they will hire and buy from. 

Your company branding is an all-encompassing package and it needs to be cohesive and consistent. Photographs play an important part in your branding, so your images must be authentic and a true representation of your company. Here are the benefits of personalized imagery to your company :

1 - It communicates your business’ culture and personality: 

Photograph your people as they collaborate, interact, or take part in special events. Your audience wants to know about your thought process and how you do business. Show them what you are about so they can get an idea of who they will be hiring and buying from. What to show: your team at work; customer experience; office interiors; architecture; location shots; lunch room; staff lounge; community engagement.  

2 - It brings out the human side of your business: 

Without people, you have no business! Tell the world about your collaborators, clients, employees, and colleagues. Even as a one-person business, there is a team of people right behind you, who contributes to your success. Show them off and tell their stories. What to show: Interactions with your collaborators and suppliers, your team in action in their work environment. Everyone is important, so don't forget to show all your staff. Without even the newest and most junior personnel, your business cannot operate. Team photos are great for that purpose. 

3 - It sets you apart from the competition: 

Personalized photos are original, unique to you, and set you apart from the competition. Get images tailored to your brand, your culture, and your people. Your clients will identify with you and feel more connected if you are honest, genuine, and show your true self.  What to show: How you make your product; your work environment; your latest technology;  top of the line equipment; your unique process. 

4 - It creates a cohesive and consistent message: 

Imagery for your business means it represents your brand in a unique way. It targets your audience and is consistent throughout your website, printed materials, advertising and social media. What to show: Images in the same style throughout; clear look and feel. Make sure the photographer collaborates with your marketing team, graphic designers, and web designers. This will ensure a consistent brand. 

5 - It helps build rapport and relationships: 

Especially true in Nova-Scotia, we do business with people we know, like and trust. When you are authentic and genuine, your personality shines through and your potential clients will trust you. People connect with brands they recognize themselves in and identify with. This comes back to bringing out the human side of your business. What to show: Your neighbourhood; community engagement; portraits in locations that represent you and your business.  

6 - It gives you your own bank of images: 

A professional photographer will create your own bank of images. You can refer to your library anytime, as you need images for annual reports, articles, staff photo and publications. allows for consistency and authenticity as opposed to using stock photos. What to show: Everything from the big picture to the small details; show product images, team photos, details, office environment, manufacturing plant, equipment, and more. Think of it as wedding photography, where the photographer captures the venue, cake, flowers, guests, and party. A good business photography package puts the emphasis on feel, atmosphere, and experience. 

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