Image: Copyright 2017 Harbour City Imagery

Image: Copyright 2017 Harbour City Imagery


So you’ve decided it's time for new business photos. Perhaps you are undergoing a brand refresh? How about a new portrait for your website to show your potential clients what you and your business are about? Congratulations on making the decision; now what do you wear? 

The following are some pointers to help taking the guess work out of wardrobe questions prior to your photo session.  

There is no right or wrong, or ‘one size fits all’ kind of solution. The following are  suggestions and the only rule is: look professional while staying true to yourself. 

The following guidelines apply wether your definition of business attire is a suit and tie, or jeans and a T. 


Make sure you have the proper fit. Wearing a jacket that is too small will make you look uncomfortable, while one that is too big will make you look frumpy. Contrary to what most people think, baggy clothes don't hide the extra pounds, they make you look bigger than if you were wearing clothes that fit properly.


Iron, wash, and/ or dry clean your clothes prior to the session. Whether it’s a collared shirt, blouse, trousers, skirt (even a plain white T) - make sure they are looking crisp and are free of wrinkles. 


Preferably wear solid colours as not to draw attention away from your face. Prints tend to be distracting and loud, so if you want to wear prints, keep them small and uniform. Your final photos should show you, not your clothes.

Stay away from logos that are representative of companies other than your own, and avoid any slogans and graphics that might be offensive (unless the purpose of the photos is to provoke some kind of reaction).


Don’t show too much skin. This is not a modesty tip, this is a ‘drawing attention to your face’ tip. As a recommendation, wear sleeves that are elbow length and skirts / pants that are knee length minimum. Exposed arms and legs will draw attention away from your eyes and smile. 


Be aware that too much contrast between top and bottom (light top and dark bottom, and vice versa) will make the lighter parts look bigger. If that’s what you want, that’s great, but know that this is the effect light colour has on camera when seen against darker surrounding tones. As a guideline, keep top and bottom the same tone. All dark, or all light. 


Keep it minimalist and simple so we can see you. A watch, rings, earrings and glasses you normally wear are usually more than enough.  Unless you are modelling your own line of costume jewelry, keep it understated, but with a little spark.


A fresh haircut or trim will go a long way to look polished. This is however not the time to try a new edgy hair style the day of the photo session. Give yourself 1-2 weeks between your new haircut and photoshoot,  to give yourself some time to get used to it. 


Keep the colours scheme within the same range. Choose up to 3 colours for the team to work with and keep it within the same palette for a more cohesive look. For example: Tans / grey / whites, or black / white / + one colour, and so on. 

Make sure everyone dresses to the same level. That means, if your everyday dress code is suits and ties, everyone should stick to the dress of the day. If your office is more casual, dressing down is great, but the overall team needs to be cohesive. 

Whether you normally wear all black, or you love colour, or like to make a statement with your choice of clothing, don’t be afraid to show your personality. Stay true to yourself and your brand. For more tips and suggestions specific to your photo session, your photographer will be happy to help out to make sure your final photos are a true representation of your brand and your business.