Image: Copyright 2017 Harbour City Imagery

Image: Copyright 2017 Harbour City Imagery


Looking for a brand refresh? New visual content for your website, brochures, and advertisement? When looking for professional photography for your business marketing and branding, there are so many photographers to choose from. How do you choose the right one for your business? Don’t be overwhelmed! This checklist will help you through the process of choosing your professional photographer. Things to consider: 


Do you like what you see? Things to consider when looking at a portfolio are quality, consistency, variety, overall style and aesthetic.


Is the photographer a professional with experience? Look at their experience as a photographer, but past experiences are useful as well. When working with your business or organization, will the photographer understand the needs of your business, marketing, and branding for your business? 


What does the photographer specialize in? Different specializations include fashion, food, architecture, product, portraiture, etc…Don’t hire a wedding photographer to photograph an office interior. Make sure the photographer you hire has experience and specializes in the area you need them for.


Does your photographer have referrals? Word of mouth from other business owners and referrals from other photographers give you a pretty good indication of the competence of your photographer. Look at online reviews, Facebook, Linked-In, on their website. Has the photographer received praises? Complaints? How did they respond to complaints and feedback?


Will your professional photographer meet in person? A face-to-face meeting, prior to hiring, is essential to get a feel for their approach, style, and personality. Will they meet in person for an in-depth needs assessment? Does your photographer take the time to get to know you and your business? This in-person initial meeting will ensure the end result is tailored to your brand. 


Do they look at the site in person? If an off-site location is required, does the photographer provide location scouting?


Can your photographer think conceptually? Will he/she bring ideas forward? They should be able to take your vision and come up with ideas on how to achieve it. Look at their portfolio and ask questions about how they came up with the idea for the pose, lighting, location etc…  


Is your photographer willing and open to collaborate? As a business, you have a team of marketers, graphic designers, communications specialist who worked hard on your brand. The photographer should be able to take directions from your team and collaborate to ensure a cohesive package in line with your existing brand.


Does your photographer use a contract? Hiring a photographer for your business is no different than hiring any other type of contractor. Ensure your photographer has some kind of agreement in place. A simple contract will set expectations, clearly state scope of service, timing, pricing, delivery, etc, to ensure everyone is on the same page. This will eliminate potential misunderstandings and keep everyone happy.


Is the photographer insured to work on your premises? When a photographer conducts a photoshoot in your office or place of work, ask them about their liability coverage.